Friday, 2 April 2010


"Floyd's looking sharp," a source close to the situation informed us after witnessing firsthand a recent training session with Floyd Mayweather, who's extremely focused on his highly-anticipated May 1st showdown with WBA welterweight champion Shane Mosley. In fact, Mayweather is looking so good that there may be a need for new sparring partners. "He may need stronger sparring partners because he's knocking these guys out whenever he wants to," the source added.

Although the source would not elaborate on exactly who those sparring partners were, Mayweather's known for allowing any challenger who questions his skills to step into the ring for a few rounds of sparring. As he was preparing for his bout with Juan Manuel Marquez, there were reports that jr. welterweight Lamont Peterson tried to pit his skills against Mayweather. According to eyewitnesses, Mayweather dominated the action, abusing Peterson both physically and verbally. He also did the same to former welterweight champion Zab Judah, who showed up in Vegas one time to spar with Mayweather, only to get the same kind of treatment. It was that very same sparring session that led to Judah's eagerness to exact revenge inside the ring against Mayweather. Unfortunately for him, that plan didn't work out so well.

As Floyd continues to train diligently for his upcoming title challenge, I'm not so sure the same can be said about the champion. With roughly four weeks to go until May 1, Mosley has yet to spend a significant amount of time working on the gameplan with master strategist and head trainer Naazim Richardson. In fact, according to reports, Shane is not having the same kind of success in sparring that Floyd is having. "I hear Shane's getting his ass handed to him in training," one source revealed. Whether or not that's true remains to be seen, however, with Richardson's attention being focused on Hopkins this week, it's a little concerning to know that Mosley's camp isn't running quite as smoothly leading up to the toughest challenge of his career.


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