Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Mayweather Says Mosley's Lack of a Jab is a Big Problem

The uncle and trainer for Floyd Mayweather Jr, Roger Mayweather, says WBA welterweight champion Shane Mosley will need a good jab if wants to have any shot in the May 1 mega-fight. Without the jab, Roger has no idea how Mosley will prevent his nephew from staying on the move. Mosley's biggest critics as the fight draws closer have been the Mayweathers. Both Roger and Floyd have focused on Mosley's lack of a good jab.

“How does he cut Floyd off?” Roger Mayweather told the Grand Rapids Press. “He’s got to find some kind of tactic to stop Floyd from moving, stop Floyd from jabbing. I don’t know what his plan is. Trapping the guy, keeping the guy in the corner, keeping him where you want to keep him at -- it’s a hard thing to do, especially if you’re going to have to use the jab to do it. That’s why I say it’s a very difficult fight for Shane.”

“My thing is what he’s going to use to attack Floyd with. What’s he going to use? If he’s going to use his jab, he’s got to trap Floyd some way. And if he traps Floyd, how’s he going to use his jab?

Roger agrees with Mosley's strategy to make it a rough fight. In the opinion of Roger, Mosley is not good enough to win a boxing match. Whether the fight is rough or not, Roger think his nephew will outbox Mosley in impressive fashion.

“Shane don’t want it to be no boxing match,” Roger said. “If he wants a boxing match, that’s an easier fight for Floyd. Shane has to keep the fight physical. His job is to keep on top of Floyd and keep that pressure on him, and hopefully, Floyd will wilt. That’s what he has to do.”

“Floyd’s got better boxing skills than anyone he’s been in with. So when people say, ‘Shane’s going to do this, Shane’s going to do that,’ it’s not about what Shane does. Floyd didn’t start boxing yesterday. He knows what he has to do. This is what boxing’s about.”

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